45 RAPTOR Carbine

There’s a new big bore brush rifle in town! The straight wall case state legal 45 raptor rifle is the perfect compact brush rifle that packs enough knock down power for any species in North America out to 200 yds with no holdover!


  • 18” Precision Barrel 1-24” Twist SS 416r Hand lapped German Barrel Steel.

  • Muzzle threaded 11/16x24 for suppressor or muzzle device

  • Trued Bolt and Action with optional threaded handle and spiral fluting (add $175)

  • Multiple Stock and Chassis Configurations Available

  • Starting at $1500 and up

  • Available in different finishes and configurations

  • Weight: 7.8 pounds with Magpul Hunter, 7.2 pounds with MDT LSS Chassis


The newest model in the mars armory lineup takes the big bore brush rifle platform a step further with the new 45 raptor. The 45 raptor is relatively new cartridge that’s basically a rimless 460 Smith & Wesson Magnum with a much higher pressure ceiling over the pistol round. This caliber is capable of exceeding 2600 ft./s with a 250 Gr projectile while utilizing the more commonly available and affordable .452 diameter pistol projectiles. With over 3600+ ft/pds of knockdown power there is nothing that’s going to stand in the way of the raptor. 

The 45 Raptor is about 20-25% more powerful than the 450 Bushmaster and is capable of a 200 yd Zero due to minimal drop at less than 4” Drop at 200 yds. This extends the capability for longer lethal shots on game drastically over the 458 SOCOM and 450 Bushmaster!