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Big bore brush gun perfection: designed for medium to large size game, lightweight, agile, and deadly accurate.


  • 16” Ev-5 Hybrid Rifled 416r SS barrel, threaded 11/16x24

  • Custom blueprinted 700 Action with oversized precision ground recoil lug

  • Trued Bolt with M16 extractor and threaded handle

  • Choice of stocks and chassis (Magpul Hunter in Kuiu Vias Shown)

  • Takes standard AR-15 Magazines

  • Choice of custom options (Trigger, bolt and barrel fluting, cerakote)

  • Weight: 7.4 pounds (as shown)

  • Prices starting at $1600. ($1900 shown)


.458 SOCOM

The .458 SOCOM is a big bore cartridge designed for medium to large dangerous game. Originally developed back in 2001 for the US Army SOCOM to address the need for a large heavy round that could eliminate enemy combatants behind walls, in vehicles, and basically anywhere that the small 5.56 projectile simply is deemed ineffective. The 458 Socom is a very versatile caliber with bullet offerings from 120 grains all the way up to over 600 grains in a sub sonic application. The Short action length and good short barrel performance make this an ideal hunting cartridge for hogs up to larger game like moose and bear. Hunters can rely on the .458 SOCOM to either defend your life or dispatch heavier and thicker skin game. We have found the optimal hunting load is the 300 grain Barnes TTSX with an average muzzle velocity of 1900 ft/s with 2800 ft-lbs of knockdown power. If you need more power than the .458 SOCOM maybe the 45 Raptor is for you!


Rem/Age Action System

Each of our barrels are rigorously inspected, tested for accuracy, and reliability. With the added Remage barrel nut system you gain the ability to switch out barrels to a different caliber with the use of a savage barrel nut wrench, basic hand tools, and a set of go/no-go gauges.