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A Type 7 FFL Manufacturer and Gunsmith located in Mars, PA. We specialize in providing a full line of services and products for the AR platform, bolt action, and handguns.

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Big Bore Carbines

When 5.56 or 308 just isn't enough for the game of your choice, take a few very big steps up and spec out one of our 458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster, and 45 RAPTOR builds in a modern, handy precision platform. Trued, threaded and with a choice of stocks and chassis systems.

Precision Builds

Let us put together a precision rifle to your precise specifications, with the highest quality components. We also offer unique pieces to use in your own build, whether it's just a straightforward caliber change and barrel upgrade or a Rem/Age system action conversion.

Custom Components

Rem/Age Barrel Nuts | Muzzle Brakes | Recoil Lugs | More

Allowing for home caliber conversions and headspacing without the need for complicated tools, order one of our barrel nuts ready to paint or already Cerakoted in a durable finish.