Custom Components

Not content to just assemble rifles from off-the-shelf parts, we've developed unique custom components to meet the needs of our special precision rifle platforms and are offering them for individual sale for your next project.


Rem/Age Barrels/ Barrel Nuts

Precision Machined 416r SS Barrels with threaded muzzles concentric to bore for suppressor use.. Remage threaded for home caliber conversions and headspacing without the need for complicated tools, order one of our barrels or nuts ready to paint or already Cerakoted in a durable finish.


Barrel Nut Wrench

Laser Cut Steel barrel wrench, designed to work on our Remage system, also compatible with most Savage barrel nuts.


Muzzle Brakes

When stepping up to a new big bore caliber, sometimes it's tough to find compatible accessories. Use one of our custom-engineered quad-port muzzle brakes to tame the much stronger recoil of these large calibers. These are perfectly timed on our custom builds or can be ordered on their own for your existing system.


Recoil Lugs

Oversized recoil lugs with slots for pinning in place, making caliber changes even easer on the Rem/Age system.